Electrical – Installation and Fieldworks

  • HV and LV Equipment Installation
  • Cable Containment Fabrication and Installation (Cable Ladders, Trays, Supports, Trunking, Conduits)
  • Power and Control Cable Installation
  • HV and LV Cable Glanding and Termination
  • Small Power and Lighting Installation
  • Earthing and Lightning Protection System Installation
  • Heat Tracing System
  • E-house and Process Skids Installation

Electrical – Testing and Commissioning

  • HV and LV Cable Testing
  • AC / DC High Potential Testing
  • Contact Resistance Testing
  • Protection Relays Calibration
  • Primary and Secondary Injection Testing
  • Current and Potential Transformer Testing
  • UPS System and Battery / Charger Testing
  • Loop and Functional Checks
  • Electrical Start-ups and Trouble Shooting
  • Pre-commissioning and Commissioning Assistance
  • Quality Control and Mechanical Completion

Instrumentation – Installation and Fieldworks

  • Control Room Equipment and Instrument Marshalling Panels Installation
  • Field Instrument Device Installation
  • Hazardous Area Instrument Installation, Maintenance and Inspection
  • Instrument, Communications, Fiber Optic Cable Installation
  • Instrument, Communications and Fiber Optic Cable Glanding and Termination
  • Instrument Impulse Piping and Tubing Work
  • Instrument Air Piping and Tubing Work
  • Bench and Field Calibration
  • Telecommunication System
  • Fire and Gas Detection System
  • Assembly and Wiring Work of Control and I/O Marshalling Panels

Instrumentation – Testing and Commissioning

  • Configuration, Testing and Commissioning of Process Loop Controllers
  • Loop and Functional Checks
  • Process Start-ups and Troubleshooting
  • Pre-commissioning and Commissioning Assistance
  • Quality Control and Mechanical Completion


  • Newbuilds and Retrofit solutions
  • Control System Design and consultancy
  • Network Design and Interface Engineering
  • PLC and HMI software development
  • Control Consoles and Marshalling Panels detail engineering and Fabrication
  • Electrical, Instrumentation, Telecommunications and Control Systems Integration
  • System Start-up, Commissioning and Maintenance
  • Project Management and Control Services


Experienced and Skillful Manpower Resources

DELIMAX has a large pool of direct employed, competently multi-skilled, highly experienced manpower resources. We are able to ensure the consistency and high quality of work performed through the highest level of control within the project management framework as these are in-house resources.

Competent Project Teams

DELIMAX is backed by teams of professional project managers, electrical & instrumentation engineers, technicians, HSE practitioners and specialists with wide ranging experience. They form the core of dedicated DELIMAX project teams with a reputation of producing high quality work with on-time progression in the safest manner possible.

Established Network of Contacts and Resources

DELIMAX has access to a wide network of contacts and resources through its Directors who have a wealth of experience in many turnkey projects. Through the years, we have developed a large database of external providers who offer high quality products at very competitive prices, allowing DELIMAX to pass on project costs savings to our clients.


DELIMAX has access to a full range of construction equipment, well-equipped, certified calibration laboratories and testing equipment. By capitalizing on this, DELIMAX is able to offer very competitive rates to clients without compromising on Safety and Quality of work to the project it undertakes.